Dear Friend and Valued Customer:

Dear Friend and Valued Customer: Welcome to Freedom Baking, a family-owned business dedicated to the wonderful art of bread making. Since 1987, we have specialized in the production of a large variety of gourmet breads, helping keep families healthy and happy, one slice at a time.

Top-notch quality and uncompromising service are the hallmarks of our company, as we stand committed to your total satisfaction. It's why our breads are distributed throughout the Unites States, Canada, and Europe, catering to markets, restaurants, hotels, and other establishments All of our breads are lovingly handcrafted, made with only the freshest and natural ingredients, and always free of chemicals or additives. Today we continue to expand our product line, which includes all-time American and international favorites as well as hard-to find specialty items. Our artisan breads honor many of the worlds most celebrated bread making traditions: we bring you bristo rolls and baguettes; focaccia and panini: Armenian Lavash and Matnakash; Russian breads including Zaporojskiy, Orlovskiy, Darnitskiy, Arnautskiy, Slovyanskiy, and Bordinsky; Persian Barbari; Georgian Shoti; and several lines of delicious loaves, sandwich breads, and sliced breads that indulge the most sophisticated palates. Please refer to this catalogue for a full listing and individual descriptions of our offerings. At Freedom Baking, while we pride ourselves on the wide selection of our breads, we also constantly develop products with different ingredients. It's all about our effort to provide the most wholesome, healthful, and delectable breads available. Many of our signature series come in various versions - white, whole wheat, rye, multi grain - with ingredients including flax seeds, spinach, cheese, garlic, sesame seeds, raisins, crushed pepper, coriander, millet, sunflower seeds, olive oil, and others.


We also provide private labeling services. Please call us at (818) 662-7111 for more information.