Bread has always been considered as the wealth of Russia. Principal cereal crops in Russia were Wheat, Rye, Barley, Millet and Oats. Russians used beer base yeast or a part of an old enough dough as leaven. It is very long and complicated to make a real Russian bread, and here in the United States, our aim is to maintain the same quality.

Authentic Russian BreadsNothing is more important on a Russian table than a great bread. Especially dark rye bread. In times of plenty and celebration, black bread is a symbol of wealth and health. And so, we present our collection of very best recipes for hardy, thick, deliciously healthy Russian breads.


Dark: #0028 (1 Loaf - 20 oz.)
Light: #0029 (1 Loaf - 20 oz.)
White: #0023 (1 Loaf - 16 oz.)

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Our exceptional Romanoff bread is deliciously made with dark & white rye, it is melting in your mouth with every bite. Sour bread from leaven dough was particularly loved, which tradionally had a beer base, yeast or a part of an old dough.

Bird's Milk


Rye: #0026 (1 Loaf - 20 oz.)
White: #0024 (1 Loaf - 20 oz.)
Black: #0027 (1 Loaf - 20 oz.)
Whole Wheat: #0025 (1 Loaf - 20 oz.)

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Handmade Baltik bread is delectably made based on the recipes of the Baltik people. With a beautifully crunchy crust, Baltik bread is prefect when sliced thin for a sandwich or just about anything.

Zaporojskiy (Soup Bowl)

White: #0030 (16 oz. - 1 Loaf)
Light: #0039 (20 oz. - 1 Loaf)
Black: #0040 (20 oz. - 1 Loaf)
Black Soup Bowl: #0030-S
White Soup Bowl: #0040-S

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Since ancient times, bread has had a special, primary position in the cuisine of the Ukrainian people. In preparing rye bread, the leavening agent used is not yeast but a sourdough starter, which gives the bread a more sourt taste than that of wheat bread. Rich in nutritional value, this Zaporojskiy bread is known for its uniquely delicious taste. Very good for Soup-Bowl.


White: #1023 (1 Loaf - 16 oz.)
Black: #1024 (1 Loaf - 16 oz.)

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This bread is an Eastern European favorite and wonderful addition to your dinner, table. Stolichniy is a full-bodied, robust bread that is moist and chewy. This bread goes well with cream cheese & smoked salmon, or with apricot jam and Swiss cheese as a great sandwich.



Dark Rye & Wheat:
#0130 (1 Loaf - 20 oz.)


Dark Rye & Wheat:
#0134 (1 Loaf - 20 oz.)


White Rye & Unbleached
#0131 (1 Loaf - 20 oz.)



White Rye & Whole Wheat
#0133 (1 Loaf - 20 oz.)


White Rye & Whole Wheat
#0132 (1 Loaf - 20 oz.)